Westlake Pro AT5040 & ADL700 Event

The PreSonus ADL 700 is a truly versatile channel strip, high-quality compressor, 4-band EQ, and Class-A preamplifier all in one unit! Moreover, the new Audio Technica AT5040 studio microphone harbors an innovate four-diaphragm design, creating pristine clarity and unmatched recording precision. Put these together and you get a revolutionary combination of stunning sound quality you need to hear to believe, and a system that is unparalleled in handling a variety of scenarios.

  • See and hear first-hand how this incredible system handles live recordings in various settings: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
  • Listen as these live recordings are played back on the spot, and critique them yourself for fidelity, clarity, and accuracy
  • Learn from the designers what makes a high-quality mic preamplifier and microphone so valuable, and why it is important to have them in your arsena